Wedding Pictures
September 4, 2010
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Bridal Portraits
Summer 2010
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Save the Date 
Spring 2010
We made a save the date video instead of sending out cards. It was a lot of fun. We thought it all up, Jesse took the pictures and put it together, and Jordan helped direct us. If you didn't watch it when we made it, you should watch it. If you have already seen it, you should probably watch it again because it will make you smile.

January 17, 2010
The weekend before Trey and Emily began their last spring semester of college they took a trip to Austin to relax and have some fun.  On their last day he took her out to a nice dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  After a lovely 3 course meal they drove to Mount Bonnell (the place where they first held hands) to enjoy the sunset together before they had to drive back home to Denton. The two found a private spot on the cliff where they sat close and watched the sun set over Lake Austin.  After then sun had set and it began to get cool out, they went for one last scenic walk around the edge of the mountain.  Holding hands, Trey led Emily down a candlelit pathway to a scenic overview of the lake with the Austin city lights glowing behind them.  Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros was playing as they stood together under the crescent moon.  Hearts were racing as Trey bent down on one knee and expressed his love to Emily and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him.  Without hesitation she said yes and the two kissed in the moonlight.  In a tearful embrace Trey slipped the beautiful ring onto Emily's hand.