Sunday, August 28, 2011


So, one of our friends told us about an arcade called Nicklemania where all the games are 5¢ to $1 and it just happens to be just a mile from our house! Good, cheap, reminiscent fun.


You're never too old for Medieval Times!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


So today was a different day at work. A baby hawk (2 foot tall and still a baby!) who was nesting on top of our building fell off the roof. he couldn't fly so he was just sitting on the sidewalk outside our office. Someone captured him with a blanket and cardboard box and take him to a bird sanctuary. It was a good distraction to break up the work day. 


I love date night! This weekend we went to Maggiano's, one of our favorites. Perfect night.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Long days, excessive heat, and running errands call for a relaxing night alone with Chinese take-out and a movie. 


I feel so adulty buying appliances. As fun as it was to line-dry our clothes, I am grateful to have a dryer now.


Putt-putt! It was incredibly hot out, but we still had fun. 


It's Memorial day weekend, so we invited some friends over for a cookout. We also flew a Styrofoam airplane. 


They delivered our couch today in typical Ikea fashion: in 6 big boxes. It was a chore to put together, but now we have real furniture!


We went to Ikea for fun after work today, thought we would get a lamp or a rug or something. Instead, we bought a couch!


I survived my first tornado! Trey has seen plenty, growing up in East Texas and all, but it was new to me. We locked the cats in the closet with us, covered up with blankets and waited until the sirens stopped.


Cayla and Kaleo took us out to Magic Time Machine for Trey's birthday. It was dark and he was embarrassed so the picture didn't turn out all that great. Happy birthday, Trey!!!!


The Wildflower Festival in Richardson was fun. Some good local bands played as well as some cover bands (pictured: Journey).


We went to Six Flags with a big groups of friends. The new Texas Giant is so much fun!